COM³ and CORA partners travel to the North Sea Conference 2022, in Bruges, Belgium to share their unique support model for digital transformation. They look forward to meeting and networking with other North Sea enthusiasts!

COM³ and CORA lead partner, Intercommunale Leiedal, along with COM³ partners, aconium GmbH and Vejle Municipality will participate in the North Sea Conference, in Bruges, Belgium on 23-25 May 2022.

Visit the COM³ and CORA booth in the foyer at the Concertgebouw Brugge and try the latest training solutions created by the COM³ partners. You will also have the opportunity to discover, a learning platform that helps local and regional authorities assess their digital maturity and gain the relevant skills to support SMEs in their regions to make the most of digital technologies.

COM³ wins the North Sea Photo Contest 2021 in the category Joining Up

On 24 May at 17:00, COM³ will participate in the North Sea Photo Awards reception to receive a prize. The project won the North Sea Photo Contest 2021, in the category Joining Up.

COM³ submitted a picture from Vejle, Denmark with the following subtitle: “Together despite distance: During the Covid-19 pandemic, COM³ helped local SMEs stay connected with their customers. With the support of COM³, companies showcased and promoted their products and services professionally using an online communication platform.”

Vejle is a town located in the southeast of Jutland. The predominant sectors of the local economy are food, manufacturing, and tourism. COM³ partners in Vejle Municipality aim to improve the capacity of local businesses to exploit digital and green innovation potentials. Due to changing market needs during the pandemic, Vejle decided to adapt its strategy and purchased video equipment that can be used by SMEs for live streaming and/or video production. The first users have been the University College and local SMEs from the food sector.

You can find more about the North Sea Conference 2022 on the event page.