aconium GmbH

aconium GmbH, Agency for Communication, Organization and Management,accompanies the public sector in project development in the areas of digitalisation, energy, mobility, health and education. It supports municipalities, counties and companies to improve their competitiveness and jointly develops the infrastructure for the future with them. Empowering rural areas through digitalization and planning for smarter regions is therefore a priority for aconium GmbH’s work. The agency also acts as the holding company for the Federal Broadband Bureau and the executing agency for the funding programme for the expansion of Gigabit Internet on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure


Adélaïde Chopard

Project and Communication Manager
aconium GmbH

+49 (0) 711 25240322

Role in COM³

aconium GmbH leads the strategic communication in COM³ and jointly coordinates the project management activities together with Intercommunal Leiedal. The agency also contributes to developing the project methodology and the COM³ model in cooperation with the academic partners. With long lasting experience and network in digital innovation, aconium GmbH also supports Amt Hüttener Berge in carrying out the German pilot project and actively promote the project findings at the EU stages.

Role in CORA

aconium GmbH leads the communication work package in CORA and jointly carries out the project management activities with Intercommunale Leiedal. It plays a central content related work for developing the guiding measures for local authorities. aconium GmbH follows the pilot activities in all partner regions and actively supports the German pilot. Developing policy briefing and streamlining the results to the national and European authorities is another activity area of aconium GmbH in CORA.