COM³ partners at CIAM – Cluster on Industrial Asset Management – University of Stavanger, just published a new paper titled “Establishing Effective Business/ Stakeholder Networks to Underpin Regional Digital Strategies”. Jan Frick, professor at the University of Stavanger explores the crucial role of effective business and stakeholder networks in supporting regional digital strategies.

In this new paper, Jan Frick, professor at the University of Stavanger and partner in the COM³ project, explores the importance of establishing effective business and stakeholder networks to underpin regional digital strategies. It discusses the different types of networks, their structure and functionality, and the benefits and challenges associated with collaboration.

The paper also discusses the components of a digital strategy, including infrastructure, systems, and key performance indicators, and the role of digitalisation, lean and agile processes in achieving these goals. Using the Cluster for Industrial Asset Management (CIAM) in Stavanger as an example, the paper highlights the importance of networks in driving innovation and competitiveness in the industrial sector. The paper concludes with a discussion of the benefits of collaboration for all stakeholders involved, including mutual learning and improved processes, and the need for inclusivity in developing effective regional digital strategies.

Read the full paper here:

As part of the COM³ project and to make this knowledge available to staff and developers in municipalities, regions and business support organisations, CIAM developed a fascinating e-learning course, providing keys to building your own network.

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