On 15 September 2022, from 11:30 – 12:00 the COM³ Partners at CIAM – Cluster on Industrial Asset Management – will discuss, in a webinar, the increasing need for improved corrosion management of offshore assets.

Automatic Corrosion Management continues to be a pivotal practice for the maintenance of offshore assets. But as the current process of corrosion management continues to be time-consuming, unstructured, and inefficient, there is an increasing need for improved corrosion management of offshore assets, utilizing advances in digitalization towards ensuring the integrity of offshore assets. Especially, considering efforts towards sustainability.

Martin Ejlskov will for this event, give insights into Automatic Corrosion Management (ACM), a tool that revolutionizes current corrosion management practices, enabled through digitalization, traceability, and optimization of the corrosion management process.

The Lunch & Learn event is open for CIAM members and UiS students and employees. Others must contact CIAM via e-mail at ciam@uis.no for more information and registration.

Source: CIAM website


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