Vinje Municipality

Vinje municipality lies in the western part of the region of Vestfold and Telemark, in southern Norway. With approximately 3800 inhabitants and an area of 3100 km2 largely covered by uninhabitable mountains, Vinje is a truly rural community. The most dominant business sectors in Vinje are hydroelectric power generation, tourism, agriculture, construction and retail. Vinje hosts one of the campuses of the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), who is also Vinje’s partner in the COM³ project. Together with USN, the municipal authorities in Vinje aim to be a strong supporter and facilitator of local business development.


Kyrre Einar Hegg

Project Manager
Vinje Municipality


Role in COM³

In close cooperation with the University of South-Eastern Norway, Vinje municipality carries out a regional pilot project which aims to strengthen the municipal administration’s role as a supporter and hub for local business development.