Torsby municipality

Torsby municipality is a rural municipality located in the Värmland county in west central Sweden. The municipality has a department for business development that supports and cooperates with local entrepreneurs. The municipality also has a close cooperation with local voluntary associations. Together with the local businesses and these associations, the municipality arranges several big events every year, such as fairs, a national football cup for young people called “Svennis cup”, national biathlon contests, Rally Sweden and much more.


André Liljemark

Project Manager
Torsby Municipality

+46 73 097 39 37

Role in COM³

Torsby municipality runs a regional pilot in Sweden. In this context, the partner analyses the needs of visitors attending the big sport and leisure events taking place in Torsby every year. The municipality explores digital services and technologies that can innovate and renew old concepts for SMEs and associations involved in the local events. It provides training in digital tools and services for SMEs, local associations and the visitors.

Role in CORA

Torsby municipality and Värmland County Administrative Board works together in the extension of CORA. Our main activities will be to develop training materials for different digital public services in areas such as health services, government services and municipal services. Step one is to train the target group how they can participate in various digital educations meetings and seminars and to use digital community services (Senior Net), so that they in the next step will be able to go to different websites, etc. and participate themselves.

Objective: The target groups should be able to participate in digital education meetings and seminars and to use digital community services.
Target groups: Elderly, newcomers in Sweden, disabled.