Oldambt is a rural municipality in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Next to the German border its 38.000 inhabitants face the challenge of transforming their economy, improving employment and strengthening social cohesion. The municipality supports citizens and local businesses with this transformation, while it also improves its own digital services and works on digital connectivity.


Hein Braaksma

Project Manager

0031 6 30172585

Role in COM³

Oldambt contributes to COM³ by developing an integral digitalisation policy, using digitalisation to bridge existing gaps and address pressing social and economic challenges. Empowered by the COM³ support model Oldambt works closely with local and regional businesses, engages in a dialogue on their potential and how targeted support can help them.

Role in CORA

In the CORA extension Oldambt realizes work on digital infrastructure, continues to improve its digital services and transforms how it stimulates digital upskilling of citizens and entrepreneurs. Closely related to these Oldambt implements digital tools for citizens participation in planning and policy decision making. Also, Oldambt works to make more policy data driven.