COM³ Partners at the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, will be hosting on 2 May 2022 at 5 pm GMT the UoL 4.0 Challenge Virtual Awards Ceremony 2023! Please join the virtual ceremony and support students’ engagement with local SMEs.

The UoL 4.0 Challenge is a COM³ pilot project in collaboration with the University of Lincoln and the Business Lincolnshire Council.

This is based on a “Challenge-Based Learning” (CBL) educational strategy with two aims:

1) help students increase their employability by means of developing technology-based entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills, to better deal with cyber-physical systems.

2) help businesses to connect their new commercial ideas with their potential markets, through the development and use of digital technologies.

The cohort of 2023 UoL 4.0 Challenge Project students had the opportunity to collaborate with several local companies.

Join them on 2 May 2023 at 5 pm GMT for a Virtual Awards Ceremony and get to know more about their engagement with the local SMEs.

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Benefits for students, SMEs and the University

The University of Lincoln initiated this programme in January 2020, as part of the COM³ project. Results suggest that the UoL4.0 Challenge increases students’ understanding of operations management in real-life settings, and help the students’ development of 21st century skills. It also demonstrates the interest of SMEs in exploring the use of digital technologies to improve their performance, and build their resilience, through more digitally-based sustainable practices.

About the University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln has competences in supporting SMEs in their adoption and use of digital technology. These are evidenced through its two digital hubs, and in previous projects which have matched academics with SMEs to test out new business models using digital technology. The university also has a strong track record in evaluating policies to promote the adoption of broadband and digital technology in rural areas.

In COM³, the University of Lincoln runs the regional pilot UoL4.0 challenge together with Lincolnshire County Council. It also works with other academic partners in developing the COM³ project methodology and training solutions.


Do you want to learn more about the UoL4.0 Challenge? Read the pilot story here.