COM³ partners have developed a series of five quick-win strategies to help municipalities, regions and business support organisations accompany small companies on their digital transformation. As the number of attacks across diverse digital infrastructures is increasing, COM³ partners provide a quick-win strategy dedicated to cybersecurity awareness and share tips and training solutions to be vigilant against cyber attacks.

With the development of digital systems and networks, the complexity and discretion of attacks have increased, and adversaries are constantly improving their attack strategies. Adversaries do not discriminate targets based on size, so even small enterprises are vulnerable to attacks. Cybersecurity awareness can help fill the knowledge gaps essential to a secure environment and ensure minimal cyberattack impact.

COM³ partners at Aalborg University have a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field of internet services and applications. They have set a strategic focus on cybersecurity and contribute to several initiatives and projects. For COM³, Aalborg University brings its expertise and helps develop support measures so that SMEs can adopt new technologies in a safe environment.

Shreyas Srinivasa, PhD researcher at Aalborg University, wrote a quick-win strategy to encourage staff and developers to be cyber aware.

cybersecurity awareness

Training solutions
Aalborg University also created three interactive online courses to help organisations improve their cybersecurity posture.

  • Cybersecurity Readiness through Honeypots“ helps participants understand the importance of cybersecurity and give them keys to use defensive tools like honeypots for early detection of threats.
  • Data Breach and Privacy Leak awareness” provides insight into the impact of data leaks and the risks of having a privacy leak. This course also provides an understanding of data leaks and how to identify or mitigate them.
  • Threat Reduction and Self-assessment for SMEs” introduces techniques for threat reduction and self-assessment for SMEs. With this course, SMEs can use tools and methods to identify potential risks in their digital infrastructure.

More training solutions are available on the learning platform