How visible is my company online?” “What can people learn about my business from publicly available sources?” – These questions are key for entrepreneurs. 142 companies from the Rogaland region, in Norway, had the chance to get meaningful answers.


Over the last three years, the Cluster on Industrial Asset Management (CIAM), COM³ partner, together with the University of Stavanger Business School, have been working with more than 700 students and helped them gain competences in Operations and Maintenance (OM).

CIAM’s main idea is to build competence by collaboration and exchange, bringing together small and bigger companies, academics and students. As part of the COM³ pilot, CIAM invited roughly 700 students to evaluate companies in the Rogaland region. Over three years – 2020, 2021 and 2022 – students collected publicly available data over 142 local companies. For each of them, they created a report that reflects the story and image of the company through public sources. These reports provide also great insights about the digitalisation landscape in Rogaland. Students focused their analysis on the implementation of digital technologies in business operations (e.g., product,processes,marketing, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), supply chain, distribution).

CIAM summarises the key findings in a report:


COM³ Pilot in Rogaland


About CIAM

The Cluster on Industrial Asset Management (CIAM) has developed and shared knowledge about industrial asset management for 20 years. It acts as collaboration network between member companies and the University of Stavanger. A majority of the members are active in the development and operation of North Sea petroleum. And most of the companies are in the process of digitizing their activities.

Role in COM³

The main activities of CIAM in COM³ are related to the pilot activity in Rogaland county. In this pilot, CIAM focuses on enhancing the collaboration of regional enterprises with the university and its HUB structure. Building on its experience, CIAM created a easily accessible training solution for local and regional authorities, and business support organisations. Through this e-learning course, staff and developers learn how a stakeholder network works and how it can energise a rural entrepreneurial ecosystem.