How can local and regional authorities help businesses get access to the workforce and competencies they need? This was the main topic of discussion at Vinje municipality’s latest business support meeting.

One of the main outcomes of Vinje and USN’s COM³ pilot is a new meeting arena for local businesses. On 28 February 2023, the fourth business meeting was organised at Rauland Høgfjellshotell, a mountain lodge situated in Rauland, Vinje’s largest winter destination. Around 30 people attended.

First on the agenda were two municipal initiatives that aim to attract new inhabitants to Vinje. One of the initiatives focuses on digital marketing of Vinje as a place to work and live, via the website and campaign “Vinje naturlegvis” (“Vinje naturally”). The other initiative focuses on improving the way the community welcomes and integrates those who move to Vinje. Through these initiatives, Vinje municipality hopes to help meet the significant need for new employees in private companies and public services.

Representatives from the county administration followed up with a presentation of different regional initiatives and services that aim to help businesses in the region recruit the people and build the competencies they need. The municipality also presented other regional services available to businesses, such as the local labour service and student engagement through the regional university USN.

In the second part of the meeting, the municipal chief executive and the head of business support presented news from the municipality.

The participants also enjoyed a nice meal and time to socialise with colleagues.


The COM³ pilot in Vinje, Norway

Vinje is a truly rural community, characterised by a small and dispersed population and small businesses. To sustain the community, the municipality us dependent on a healthy business life. The municipal authorities therefore have a strong interest in supporting local business and facilitating business development. Local businesses, on their side, encourage the authorities to take on a central role in business development to help overcome key challenges. The aim of the Vinje and USN pilot is to shape this role. Learn more about the COM³ pilot story in Vinje here.

COM³ Training Solutions

Vinje is building a local hub, connecting companies with the municipality and with each other.Do you want to learn how to create such a network in rural areas? Try out the COM³ training solution “Building an Effective Business Stakeholder Network“.