At the annual North Sea Conference in Bruges, Belgium, Maibrit Lajgaard Pedersen, Vejle Municipality, received on behalf of the COM³ project, the North Sea Photo Award 2021 in the category “Joining Up”.

On 24 May 2022, Maibrit Lajgaard Pedersen, Business consultant for Greentech & Green Transition, Vejle Municipality, received the North Sea Photo Award 2021 on behalf of the COM³ project at the annual North Sea Conference in Bruges, Belgium.


Maibrit Lajgaard Pedersen, Vejle Municipality, with the North Sea Photo Award 2021

Together despite distance

COM³ participated in the annual competition and submitted a picture from Vejle, Denmark with the following subtitle: “Together despite distance: During the Covid-19 pandemic, COM³ helped local SMEs stay connected with their customers. With the support of COM³, companies showcased and promoted their products and services professionally using an online communication platform.”

Vejle is a town located in the southeast of Jutland. The predominant sectors of the local economy are food, manufacturing and tourism. COM³ Partners in Vejle Municipality aim to improve the capacity of local business to exploit digital and green innovation potentials. Due to changed market needs during the pandemic, Vejle decided to adapt its strategy and purchased a video equipment which can be used by SMEs for livestreaming and/or video production. First users have been the University College and local SMEs from the food sector.


the winning picture in the category “Joining up”

The judges said

The jury – North Sea Region National Contact Points – have reviewed all entries and here what they say about COM³ participation:

”The COM³ picture describes the spirit of the project itself beautifully, helping small businesses and people to survive the weathering storm that is the pandemic.”

“Connecting with external parties was a challenge in these times. This picture showcases in a nice way one of the possible alternatives that projects have sought during this period.”


COM³ partners – in all North Sea Region countries – empower local and regional public authorities in their role as innovation facilitators and enablers. This helps them create a dynamic environment in which rural SMEs can make the most of digital opportunities. COM³ partners create a unique support and training model, combining inspiring stories, best practices and accessible training modules.