The joint partner meeting of Interreg projects CORA and COM³ from 25 to 28 April 2022 was hosted by Länsstyrelsen Värmland, Torbsy Kommun and Compare. It was a great opportunity to finally meet in person and do networking after such a long time, exchange on current CORA/COM³ topics, learn and feel the reality of the people in Värmland.

Many partners joined the get together on 25 April to exchange the latest news and network. On 26 April 2022, a formal partner meeting was held in the Värmland offices, Karlstad. Partners discussed the new learning platform, COM³ training model and future matchmaking events, CORA digital maturity analysis and future workshops, as well as the extended project timelines.

On 27 April 2022, the host partners organised a field trip in Torsby to showcase the latest progress of the pilot, as well as to demonstrate the various partnerships developed in their region to support digitalisation.

On 28 April 2022, COM³ and CORA partners travelled back to Karlstad and discussed the latest project management issues, gave feedback on the meeting and planned the next events.

All partners share great appreciation for the partners in Värmland for great organisation of the meeting!

Photo impressions: